Released in time for a holiday read

Today is release day! Escape Publishing is publishing my debut novel.  Oh Yeah!  Punch your fist into the sky, dance around in a cirlce and giggle yourself silly!

This is it – the cover for No Strings Attached.  Buy it now by  clicking here.

If you saved a cute guy’s life, would you want him to know?
Mei Jing can’t decide whether to tell Rod Keller she was the one who saved his life in the aftermath of the tsunami or not. He’s funny, compassionate and committed to finding his rescuer but he has no idea that the girl he’s falling in love with is that very woman. What if he likes the concept of a heroine more than he likes her for herself?  Born in Australia to traditional Chinese parents, Mei Jing isn’t used to a relationship that doesn’t have strings attached.
What if the truth and the dare lead to the same thing?
Since she was 5 years old, Mei Jing’s best friend, Tina, has never turned down a dare from Mick. Now Mick’s practically daring her to love him.

A fun story of intertwined Australian relationships, love and Caprioskas.

Holiday Escape

I am a compulsive goal setter.  I set goals for everything.  Physical goals; to be skinnier.  Writing goals; to finish my manuscript. Financial goals; to pay my credit card off.

Even on holidays I can’t escape my compulsion.  At the beginning of my break I ask myself, “If this was a perfect holiday, what would it look like?”  I’m not happy if I’m not achieving something.  So I set my goals.  They’re specific, measurable and achievable.

These holidays I will:

1. Read for one hour a day

2. Drink  contreau in the afternoon

I am happiest when I am achieving these two goals concurrently.

Reading is my ultimate holiday escape.

December Titles

Escape with the new stories from Escape Publishing this month.  Snuggle up with your contreau and kindle, pop the fan on and give yourself an hour a day this holiday season.  Visit the author blogs, to read about their stories and even win prizes.

New Year’s Kisses  

Short Soup

The Danger Game 

Drawing Closer

Summer Fling

Happy Holiday Escape!

Love Bridge